Sharing Your Memories

Sharing Your Memories

Today, it is less the norm to have photos printed for prosperity and more the norm to put them on a hard drive, and to share them via email, Facebook, Flickr or any other of a number of social media sites. But what many people take for granted, many others still feel unsure about.

As a general rule, all cameras are shipped with a micro-USB cable. This cable, generally 3 feet in length is distinguishable for the fact that on one end it will have a normal sized USB port, and on the other end what looks like a flat and smaller version of a USB port. This cable is used to link your camera to your computer (PC or Apple) and will mount your cameras Memory card (generally a micro SD card) as a portable drive.

Firstly, find the panel on your camera that reveals an area where various cables can be plugged in. These include a port for hooking up to your TV and the micro USB port. Plug the smaller end of the cable into this port and then take the larger end of the cable and plug it into your computer. Once you have the camera and computer hooked up, switch your Canon camera on and wait a few moments. In this time, your computer will recognise something is plugged in and then seek to determine what it is. It will then give you the option to “view files”. Select this.

You will be presented with a folder structure. Each camera has slightly different naming structures, but you are looking for the media folder as this is where all your images are stored. Find these and once you have, select them all by pushing “CTRL” + “A” at the same time. These images are now ready to drag into a folder of your choice located on your computer.

A second method for obtaining the images located on your digital Camera is somewhat dependent on your computer. If it has an inbuilt memory card reader then you are in luck. If not, see the first method and stick with it. However, if you do have a memory card reader, then turn your camera off and locate the location in your camera where your micro SD memory card is located. You will probably recall installing a memory card in the camera when you first got it. Once you have found it, remove the card and put into your computer. Then follow the same steps as above, opening the correct folder on the SD card and copying to your preferred location.

If neither of these methods appeals to you, because you still desire the tried and true method of printing your images, take your camera to a reputable shop and ask them to download your images to CD and print them. Then you can have the best of both worlds.

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